Style de Vie DIY

Today, essential oils have won the world over, as more and more people are turning to them for their wellness properties in a variety of applications such as mental & emotional health, skincare, hair, nails as well as the ever-popular home-cleaning and to refresh/uplift one’s personal environment. 

Essential Oil Supplies (EOS) are renowned in the industry for creating exclusive products that will support your journey of correctly using, applying, professionally presenting, and storing your oils. Making your essential oils experience convenient and enjoyable for both personal and business uses.  

We create and supply a vast selection of the finest quality essential-oil lifestyle products, such as; DIY kits, Cases & Displays catering to many tastes, Oil diffusers, Clothing and Diffusing jewellery, in addition to our Make & Create kits for workshops or events.

View our splendid array of essential oil lifestyle tools and materials, that will make you fall in love with your essential oils and all the benefits they have to offer.  With our lifestyle tools at hand and in your home, you will also be equipped to confidently share and present what you do, leading your family, friends, and prospects to follow. /or join this wonderful wellness journey.
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